If you are having trouble finding Catch at checkout in order to make a purchase or redeem credits, one of three things might be happening:

  1. You are in ShopPay: ShopPay sometimes automatically redirects users to it without giving you a choice of payment method. If you notice you are in ShopPay, just scroll to the bottom and click "Check out as guest". That will allow you to input your shipping information and select Catch as a payment method on the last step of the flow.

  2. You have a gift card in your cart: Unfortunately, you can't use Catch to buy gift cards. If you have one in your cart, Catch won't appear as an option at checkout.

  3. You are purchasing a subscription: Subscription products can't be purchased with Catch. If you'd like to use us make sure to add a one-time purchase to your cart and you'll see us in that checkout.

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