If you return part of your purchase, we will prorate the credits you earned based on your updated order total. If you return the purchase in full, your credits will be voided.

For example, let’s say you earned $10 on a $100 purchase at BrandX. If you return half the order, your credits will be adjusted from $10 to $5. If you return the full order, your credits will be voided (from $10 to $0).

In the event that you've already redeemed the credits you earned on that purchase, we'll subtract your refund by that amount. The same is true if you gifted the credits and they've already been claimed: your refund will be decreased by the amount of credits gifted.

Let’s take the same scenario as before: you earned $10 on a $100 purchase at BrandX. You then redeemed those credits or gifted them to a friend. You then decide to return your $100 purchase to BrandX. Your refund will be $90.

We don't like adjusting your credits or refunds, but we do it to protect the brands we partner with from fraud & abuse.

Some good news — sign up bonus credits and referral credits are not impacted by returns.

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