To link your bank account, we've integrated with two secure third party financial technology companies, Plaid and Teller, which help companies like Catch connect securely to thousands of financial institutions. When you link your bank account, Plaid or Teller—whichever works best with your bank—will establish an encrypted connection with your bank once you enter your credentials. This allows us to obtain the necessary information to process your payments without direct access to your bank account and without ever seeing your login credentials.

Plaid is a trusted partner to companies ranging from popular fintech apps like Venmo and Cash App, to Fortune 500 companies and major banks. Its platform is regularly audited and tested to ensure its controls meet industry standards. For example, Plaid ensures sensitive data (both inmotion and at-rest) is encrypted, and regularly completes SOC-2 audits.

Teller is backed by world-class venture capital firms, Lightspeed and Founder's Fund, and a trusted partner to companies like Ramp (a billion dollar corporate card supplier).

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